Condition Guide

The terms of our quality policy we have used to define condition are detailed in the Condition Classification below. The classification relates to the appearance of an item. No warranty can be given to the mechanical or electrical operation of any item. It must be understood that any description or assessment of an item or its condition must be regarded as opinion only, and cannot form part of any legal contract.

Where we have identified particular faults or damage to items it must be understood that reference to such faults does not imply the absence of others, nor does the lack of such a reference imply that an item is free of faults.

Prospective purchasers must satisfy themselves as to the suitability of items before buying. Only in the event that an item should be found to be deliberately or mistakenly identified will we consider a refund for an item. Refunds will only be issued once the item has been returned and they must be in the same condition as originally sent out.

MintAs new

ExcellentJust one or two very small defects which prevent a Mint ranking, perhaps a very small chip in an inconspicuous place. Boxes will show signs of having been opened and closed or showing signs of slight shelf wear.

Good General chipping but still good enough to display. Boxes may be creased or slightly torn but are still the right shape and no parts missing.

Fair - Extensive chipping, damage to decals or cracked windows, but no parts missing. Boxes may have flaps missing.

Poor Badly damaged, parts missing, very rusty, and/or repainted. Not suitable for display. Boxes completely mangled.